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Procure Impact serves as a B2B Marketplace dedicated to facilitating social impact endeavors for businesses similar to ours. Through channels like wholesale, retail, bulk, and gifting purchases, they pave the way for job creation among vulnerable communities.

In addition to their core services, Procure Impact has initiated the Dignity of Work Campaign, of which 21c proudly stands as a founding partner. The campaign aims to generate 100,000 shift hours specifically tailored to individuals facing barriers to employment.

Every item available on Procure Impact's platform contributes to job opportunities, along with comprehensive training and support services, for marginalized populations. These include veterans, refugees, persons with disabilities, and those grappling with challenges such as poverty, homelessness, mental health issues, trauma, addiction, or a criminal record.

 “21c aims to create a new kind of travel and cultural experience, globally connected yet rooted in the local community. Partnering with Procure Impact gives us an opportunity to enrich the travel experience by connecting guests to ways to lift up the communities around us.”

Sarah Robbins, Chief Operating Officer, 21c Hotels